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B&K Services Limited is a professional carpentry and joinery company that offers a suite of services to commercial businesses all over Cork city and Cork county.
We have completed joinery and carpentry services for commercial businesses, public buildings, sports grounds and industrial buildings.

B&K Services Limited has worked with some of Cork’s most prestigious public buildings and sports stadiums.

Our team of carpentry and joinery experts work closely with commercial building owners to create fully customised display areas, counters, canteens or dressing rooms.

For additional information on our range of carpentry Cork services, get in contact with B&K Services Limited today.

Why Choose B&K Services Limited For Your Commercial Carpentry Project?



We have worked with commercial clients in a range of industries for almost 3 decades. Our fully customised commercial carpentry and joinery services can be built around the exact needs of commercial clients.



Our professionalism allows us to be a one-stop-shop for all your carpentry and joinery requirements. Our shop fittings include a full consultation and initial design, followed by a finalised design and a full build and installation.



We offer competitive quotes on our shop fittings services. We use the very best build and installation techniques to ensure a swift, professional and cost-effective build and installation, at competitive market rates.

For a quote on your commercial carpentry and joinery requirements, get in contact with B&K Services Limited today.

Commercial FAQ

  • I need shop fitters near me. What is your catchment area?

    We are a Cork carpentry and joinery company that offers our expert carpentry and joinery services to clients in Cork, Cork city and the surrounding counties.

  • What type of commercial projects does B&K Services Ltd. offer?

    Some of our carpentry and joinery services include:

    - Full Shop Fittings
    - Dressing Room Fittings
    - Display Shelving Fittings
    - Canteen Fittings